Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Rowdy Ridge Camp is almost here!

So many beautiful items have been donated for the Rowdy Ridge Moms' Gift Bags!!
Still filling the gift bags for the second session.
Hope seeing what the other amazing artists are donating will inspire you to participate :)
 Above - gorgeous gift items from Paris in a Cup
 - a big thank you to Cheryl Turner :)

The beautiful and talented, Paulette Adams
 donated lovely handmade ceramic petite jewelry boxes.
 Each one is unique--thank you, Paulette!! 

Erin Houghton, the delightful artist from
 (and her friend) donated so many wonderful items - 
the paintings above, handmade silk flower wreaths and vases, art supplies--
can't wait to see the Rowdy Ridge Moms' faces light up when they walk into their decorated cabin. (yes, will take lots of pics!)

Long time friend, Susan Kauffman-
gemologist and owner of
graciously donated  chic compact mirrors 
(perfect for gals at camp!!)
pencils, felt pens 
A talented employee created inspirational cards.
A big thank you Susan!

Nancy Rinearson (can you say Dodger Fan??!) 
donated everything we need to make the gift bags-
bags, tissue, ribbons--
in such happy and cheerful colors. 
Thanks, Nance :)

Lydia Reza, ( my product rep and partner in crime),
 her blog is Lydia Says
--created these fabulous vintage roses.
  Lydia--thank you!!

From the UK-- all the way "across the pond" -- 
Rachelle Pangerry, uber talented London artist and blogger
is sending these lovely inspiration tokens. 
You can check out all her incredible artwork at Art Candy.

The generosity of the women in W.H.O.A. is overwhelming. 
The gift bag donations and cabin decorations are much more than we ever imagined.
I know I keep saying it--a HUGE THANK YOU with a lot of hugs :)
Can't wait to post the pictures of the Rowdy Ridge Moms as they receive all these wonderful items!!

Women Helping One Another
"We are so Powerful Working Together"



  1. Hi Jenelle,

    This is so heart warming to see all of the love and beautiful and thoughtful gifts donated to the Moms. I can't wait to read all about it and see pictures - wish I could be there to help. Next year for sure.
    Blessings and Best Wishes to all of the W.H.O.A. volunteers who are working so hard to give the Moms a beautiful and loving experience at camp.

  2. Hi Erin!

    Your energy and generosity are so inspiring! What a privilege to work with you and all the incredible W.H.O.A. volunteers to create a transformation experience for the Rowdy Ridge moms--
    so amazing what we can accomplish when we work together :)


  3. It would be so cool to see ALL the stuff that went into the gift bags! That would help the rest of us to know better what to donate for next year, too. :-)


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