Hi Friends of W.H.O.A.!

I'd love to introduce myself...
my name is Susie Hibdon otherwise know in the
blogging community as, vintagesusie.

I feel so honored to have been asked by Jenelle, to help her
create the design for this Amazing New Blog.
The concept of WHOA is very powerful,
Women Helping One Another.

Something so simple that we all probably do every day,
without giving it a second thought, & yet when united
into a larger community of women the question becomes,
what can't we do together?
We can make Dreams Come True!

I started my first blog, vintagesusie & wings, 2 years ago at 52.
Prior to that, I didn't even know what blogging was.

Blogging Changed My Life!

Not only have I found my true VOICE
through my blog, but because of it,
I have made friends from all over the world,
I've gone places I would never have gone,
done things I could have never imagined I'd do,
created two successful businesses that I never
before dreamed of & feel a part of a community
of women so Supportive, so Generous, so Creative
& so Courageous, that I feel Blessed
to stand in their company.
WHOA, is that cool or what???

After installing Photoshop on my laptop, without ever having
taken a computer class, I decided I wanted to do digital
& graphic design, just cuz. Because I loved it & I felt
inspired by it & my creative juices could just run a muck.
So, I wrote a New Year's Day post telling my handful
of friends that that, was my New Year's resolution.
vintagesusie Custom Design was created
& a week or so later, I got my first job from one of
my bloggie friends. I have been designing ever since.

{the 1st necklace I sold}

Through the glory of Women Helping One Another,
I embraced my inner gypsy & headed towards
Round Top, Texas to meet some of my favoritest bloggie
friends. That journey Changed my Life, Again!

On one of my trips, I made a keepsake for a group
of friends who were meeting in Round Top. I made 8,
simple flattened spoon necklaces with the words
CRAZY IN TEXAS 2010 on them.
I had never hammered a spoon before in my life.

I sold my 1st custom necklace drinking Sweet Tea,
sitting under the overhang at Zapp Hall, to another
blogger who had been admiring it. And so began my
2nd business venture, 'SPOONIN' by vintagesusie...
one of a kind, custom made,
Vintage Spoon Jewelry.

{photograph by Amy Boland}

I mean really...WHOA!! lol

Just to make my story sound even more like a real live
Fairy Tale, after starting 'SPOONIN', I did a blog design
for a new friend, Lydia. She's a local sales rep here
in the Southern California area. Her blog, Lydia Says, shows
many of the different lines she carries & gives valuable
information about how to get a sales rep on your team.

One day out of no where, she emailed me & asked if we
could get together & talk about the possibility of her
repping my jewelry line. What?? My stuff's not good
enough to rep...self doubt, self doubt!
With the help of my W.H.O.A. Team, my necklaces are now
sold in seven different boutiques in So Cal & by the
The Junk Gypsy's in Round Top, Texas.

Lydia introduced me to Jenelle, bringing my story
full circle & back to the simple act of...
Women Helping One Another!

Thank you to ALL the women who helped
make my Dreams Come True!
Talk about the Magical Power of W.H.O.A.  ;)



  1. It does sound like a fairy tale, you are such a sweetheart and deserve everything great that comes your way. I hope we can meet someday soon in Round Top or if I ever make it out west! You are one of those people i just have to meet because i know you are a kindred spirit!

  2. Susie-
    I am so moved by your post - in tears, just filled with gratitude for your friendship and generous spirit. Your contribution to W.H.O.A. -beyond the amazingly beautiful blog design-is monumental. A deep heartfelt thank you. W.H.O.A!!


  3. What a wonderful Blog....women helping women! Congratulations to all who have persevered to make their dreams become reality! I am so proud even though we've never met!


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