Sunday, February 12, 2012

Meryl Schoenbaum Honored at Vignettes

Yesterday, Meryl Schoenbaum, Executive Editor for
was honored as "Queen for A Day" at Lori Chandler's AMAZING "Valentine's Soiree" 
held at her San Diego boutique 

Meryl is a member of our Dream Team, so we decided to make it a Road Trip. You know, with rock music, everyone singing and of course, snacks ( healthy ones, except for the chocolate peanut butter Girl Scout cookies that Meryl brought...)

Meryl with the uber talented Lori Chandler   

Karen Leinhart's beautiful paper creations were stunning.

??????? Meryl took a short break and the gals asked me to sign my article  (!)

A HUGE thank you to Lori Chandler and her staff - who thought of EVERYTHING!

Meryl, Lydia and I back at my studio - what a magical day!
Can't wait to go back to Vignettes!

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  1. Beautiful Jenelle! Thank you for sharing...

  2. What a great day. It was wonderful to see Meryl in her element with so many Romantic Homes fans surrounding her. And getting to hang out with you, Jenelle, is always so much fun. You are an inspiration! Awesome post.

  3. beautiful Post those little chocolates are cute with the romantic homes label so many pretty things -love those paper hairpieces and those violins are my favorite!

  4. Hi,Jenelle,
    This was a fabulous post! The photos are amazing and the creativity of the ladies is stunning! This is why I am in a few doll ning sites. One of the sites I have been in since the fall of 2008, is the Cloth and Clay doll ning with Jane Des Rosier as the host. Jane is also an incredible artist. I really should do a post about her. There is such an appreciation for all who are members, even the guys are incredible doll makers. And...I love blogs like yours as it keeps me going and let's me know the world of art is alive and well and is in the hearts of those who create and share whatever their art medium may be. It's all about that kindred spirit connection!
    Have a blessed weekend!
    Teresa in California


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